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Lance Horton- Lead vocals
Craig Anderson- Acoustic guitar/bgd vocals
Todd Anderson- Drums/Metronome magic


Although Madison Station is releasing its debut single in 2016, the group is really “new” in name only. Brothers Craig and Todd Anderson make up two-thirds of the musical trio and are widely known to fans of country music as the founding members of the Platinum selling group Heartland (“I Loved Her First”). Talented rising star and Tennessee native Lance Horton handles the Lead Vocals and completes the group with his strong vocals and laid back style. Together the guys have written and recorded a collection of songs and with the release of their first single, “Back In The Day,” are ready to continue their journey playing the music they love.

Following the end of Heartland’s successful run, Craig (guitar/vocals) and Todd (drums) immersed themselves in writing original material and desired to continue to record and perform as a band unit. After achieving a Billboard #1 single and ACM-nominated Single of the Year, a top-3 album, multiple award nominations, numerous TV/radio appearances, and constant national touring, the Anderson brothers were ready to continue their creative journey. When they were introduced to Lance through a mutual friend, Madison Station was born and into the studio they went, recording the music that has been a lifetime in the making.